Design Recipes

Learn how to build new data models, indexes, and more on top of the FoundationDB API. For more background, check out the Client Design documentation.

  • Blob: Store binary large objects (blobs) in the database.

  • Hierarchical Documents: Create a representation for hierarchical documents.

  • Multimaps: Create a multimap data structure with multiset values.

  • Priority Queues: Create a data structure for priority queues supporting operations for push, pop_min, peek_min, pop_max, and peek_max.

  • Queues: Create a queue data structure that supports FIFO operations.

  • Segmented Range Reads: Perform range reads in calibrated batches.

  • Simple Indexes: Add (one or more) indexes to allow efficient retrieval of data in multiple ways.

  • Spatial Indexing: Create a spatial index for the database.

  • Subspace Indirection: Employ subspace indirection to manage bulk inserts or similar long-running operations.

  • Tables: Create a table data structure suitable for sparse data.

  • Vector: Create a vector data structure.