Local Development

Download the FoundationDB package

Download the FoundationDB package for macOS (FoundationDB-*.pkg) onto your local development machine.

Install the FoundationDB binaries

By default, the FoundationDB installer installs the binaries required to run both a client and a local development server. Begin installation by double-clicking on the downloaded FoundationDB package and following the displayed instructions.

For more details on installing on macOS, see Getting Started on macOS.

If you later wish to remove FoundationDB from a machine, follow the instruction for uninstalling.

Check the status of the local database

You can verify the status of the local database with the following the command, which will show basic statistics:

fdbcli --exec status

Basic tutorial

Here’s a tutorial that begins with “Hello world” code for connecting to the database and then walks through the basics of reading and writing data with transactions.