Class ReadOnlyTcpClientConfig

  • public final class ReadOnlyTcpClientConfig
    extends java.lang.Object
    Read only view of TcpClientConfig.
    • Method Detail

      • sslContext

        public io.netty.handler.ssl.SslContext sslContext()
        Returns the SslContext.
        SslContext, null if none specified
      • sslHostnameVerificationAlgorithm

        public java.lang.String sslHostnameVerificationAlgorithm()
        Returns the hostname verification algorithm, if any.
        hostname verification algorithm, null if none specified
      • sslHostnameVerificationHost

        public java.lang.String sslHostnameVerificationHost()
        Get the non-authoritative name of the host.
        the non-authoritative name of the host
      • sslHostnameVerificationPort

        public int sslHostnameVerificationPort()
        Get the non-authoritative port.

        Only valid if sslHostnameVerificationHost() is not null.

        the non-authoritative port
      • options

        public final java.util.Map<,​java.lang.Object> options()
        Returns the ChannelOptions for all channels.
        Unmodifiable map of options
      • idleTimeoutMs

        public final java.lang.Long idleTimeoutMs()
        Returns the idle timeout as expressed via option ServiceTalkSocketOptions.IDLE_TIMEOUT.
        idle timeout in milliseconds
      • preferredAlpnProtocol

        public java.lang.String preferredAlpnProtocol()
        Get the preferred ALPN protocol. If a protocol sensitive decision must be made without knowing which protocol is negotiated (e.g. at the client level) this protocol can be used as a best guess.
        the preferred ALPN protocol.