Class WireLoggingInitializer

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      WireLoggingInitializer​(java.lang.String loggerName, LogLevel logLevel, java.util.function.BooleanSupplier logUserData)
      Create an instance.
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      void init​( channel)
      Configures the passed Channel.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • WireLoggingInitializer

        public WireLoggingInitializer​(java.lang.String loggerName,
                                      LogLevel logLevel,
                                      java.util.function.BooleanSupplier logUserData)
        Create an instance.
        loggerName - The logger name to use for log wire events.
        logLevel - The level to log at.
        logUserData - true to log user data. false to not log user data.
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      • init

        public void init​( channel)
        Description copied from interface: ChannelInitializer
        Configures the passed Channel.

        Typically, an initializer should add handlers to the channel at the end. This makes it possible for the code using the initializer to create the order of the handlers in the pipeline.

        Specified by:
        init in interface ChannelInitializer
        channel - Netty Channel.