Interface CompletableSource.Subscriber

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public static interface CompletableSource.Subscriber
Subscriber of the outcome of a Cancellable.

The semantics and threading model of this interface is meant to be the same as PublisherSource.Subscriber, but simplified for the use case where the operations completes or fails with no data.

  • Method Details

    • onSubscribe

      void onSubscribe(Cancellable cancellable)
      Called when the associated CompletableSource is subscribed via CompletableSource.subscribe(Subscriber).
      cancellable - A Cancellable that can be used to cancel the asynchronous computation for this subscriber.
    • onComplete

      void onComplete()
      Success terminal state.

      No further events will be sent.

    • onError

      void onError(Throwable t)
      Failed terminal state.

      No further events will be sent.

      t - the throwable signaled