Interface H2ProtocolConfig

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public interface H2ProtocolConfig extends HttpProtocolConfig
Configuration for HTTP/2 protocol.
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    • alpnId

      default String alpnId()
      Description copied from interface: HttpProtocolConfig
      TLS Application-Layer Protocol Negotiation (ALPN) Protocol ID of the protocol this configuration is for.
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      alpnId in interface HttpProtocolConfig
      string representation of ALPN Identification Sequence
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    • headersSensitivityDetector

      BiPredicate<CharSequence,CharSequence> headersSensitivityDetector()
      Sensitivity detector to determine if a header name/value pair should be treated as sensitive.
      BiPredicate<CharSequence, CharSequence> that returns true if a header <name, value> pair should be treated as sensitive, false otherwise
    • frameLoggerConfig

      @Nullable UserDataLoggerConfig frameLoggerConfig()
      Get the logger configuration for HTTP/2 frames.
      the logger configuration to use for HTTP/2 frames or null to disable it.
    • keepAlivePolicy

      configured H2ProtocolConfig.KeepAlivePolicy.
    • initialSettings

      default Http2Settings initialSettings()
      Get the Http2Settings that provides a hint for the initial settings. Note that some settings may be ignored if not supported (e.g. push promise).
      the Http2Settings that provides a hint for the initial settings. Note that some settings may be ignored if not supported (e.g. push promise).
    • flowControlQuantum

      default int flowControlQuantum()
      Provide a hint on the number of bytes that the flow controller will attempt to give to a stream for each allocation (assuming the stream has this much eligible data).

      This maybe useful because the amount of bytes the local peer is permitted to write is limited based upon the remote peer's flow control window for each stream. Some flow controllers iterate over all streams (and may consider stream priority) that have data pending to write and allow them to write a subset of the available flow control window (aka a "quantum"). The larger this value may result in increased goodput/throughput on the connection, but increase latency on some streams (if flow control windows become constrained).

      number of bytes.
    • flowControlWindowIncrement

      default int flowControlWindowIncrement()
      Number of bytes to increment via WINDOW_UPDATE for the connection. This value is applied on top of Http2Settings.initialWindowSize() from initialSettings() for the connection (as opposed to individual request streams). This can be helpful to avoid a single stream consuming all the flow control credits.
      The number of bytes to increment the local flow control window for the connection.