public struct FileRegion
extension FileRegion: Equatable
extension FileRegion: CustomStringConvertible

A FileRegion represent a readable portion usually created to be sent over the network.

Usually a FileRegion will allow the underlying transport to use sendfile to transfer its content and so allows transferring the file content without copying it into user-space at all. If the actual transport implementation really can make use of sendfile or if it will need to copy the content to user-space first and use write / writev is an implementation detail. That said using FileRegion is the recommended way to transfer file content if possible.

One important note, depending your ChannelPipeline setup it may not be possible to use a FileRegion as a ChannelHandler may need access to the bytes (in a ByteBuffer) to transform these.


It is important to manually manage the lifetime of the NIOFileHandle used to create a FileRegion.