Interface ServiceDiscoverer<UnresolvedAddress,​ResolvedAddress,​E extends ServiceDiscovererEvent<ResolvedAddress>>

  • Type Parameters:
    UnresolvedAddress - The type of address before resolution.
    ResolvedAddress - The type of address after resolution.
    E - Type of ServiceDiscovererEvents published from discover(Object).
    All Superinterfaces:
    AsyncCloseable, ListenableAsyncCloseable

    public interface ServiceDiscoverer<UnresolvedAddress,​ResolvedAddress,​E extends ServiceDiscovererEvent<ResolvedAddress>>
    extends ListenableAsyncCloseable
    Represents the interaction pattern with a service discovery system. It is assumed that once discover(Object) is called that the service discovery system will push data updates or implementations of this interface will poll for data updates. Changes in the available hosts will be communicated via the resulting Publisher.
    • Method Detail

      • discover

        Publisher<java.util.Collection<E>> discover​(UnresolvedAddress address)
        Subscribe to the service discovery system for changes in the available ServiceDiscoverer associated with address.

        In general a call to this method will continue to discover changes related to address until the PublisherSource.Subscription corresponding to the return value is cancelled via Cancellable.cancel() or there are no more changes to publish.

        address - the service address to discover. Examples of what this address maybe are:
        • hostname/port (e.g. InetAddress)
        • service name
        • it may be a list of attributes which describe the service attributes to resolve
        • something else
        a Publisher that represents a stream of events from the service discovery system.