Class HttpLifecycleObserverServiceFilter

All Implemented Interfaces:
HttpExecutionStrategyInfluencer, StreamingHttpServiceFilterFactory, ExecutionStrategyInfluencer<HttpExecutionStrategy>
Direct Known Subclasses:

public class HttpLifecycleObserverServiceFilter extends Object implements StreamingHttpServiceFilterFactory
An HTTP service filter that tracks events during request/response lifecycle.

The result of the observed behavior will depend on the position of this filter in the execution chain. This filter is recommended to be appended as one of the first filters using HttpServerBuilder.appendNonOffloadingServiceFilter(StreamingHttpServiceFilterFactory) method to account for all work done by other filters and offloading of the requests processing. It can be appended at another position, considering the following:

An alternative way to install an HttpLifecycleObserver is to use HttpServerBuilder.lifecycleObserver(HttpLifecycleObserver).
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