Class RetryingHttpRequesterFilter

All Implemented Interfaces:
HttpExecutionStrategyInfluencer, StreamingHttpClientFilterFactory, ExecutionStrategyInfluencer<HttpExecutionStrategy>

public final class RetryingHttpRequesterFilter extends Object implements StreamingHttpClientFilterFactory, ExecutionStrategyInfluencer<HttpExecutionStrategy>
A filter to enable retries for HTTP clients.

Retries are supported for both the request flow and the response flow. Retries, in other words, can be triggered as part of a service response if needed, through RetryingHttpRequesterFilter.Builder.responseMapper(Function).

Retries can have different criteria and different backoff polices, as defined from the relevant Builder methods (i.e. RetryingHttpRequesterFilter.Builder.retryOther(BiFunction)). Similarly, max-retries for each flow can be set in the RetryingHttpRequesterFilter.BackOffPolicy, as well as a total max-retries to be respected by both flows, as set in RetryingHttpRequesterFilter.Builder.maxTotalRetries(int).

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