class turicreate.Image(path=None, format='auto', **_Image__internal_kw_args)

A class whose objects contains image data, meta-data, and supports useful utility methods. This is intended to make image pre-processing easier for input into subsequent learning methods. Supports reading of JPEG and PNG formats.

path : string

The path of the location of the image file to be loaded into the Image object.

format : {‘auto’ | ‘JPG’ | ‘PNG’}, optional

Defaults to ‘auto’. A format hint for the constructor. If left as ‘auto’, constructor tries to infer file format from file extension. Otherwise, tries to decode file as whatever the format hint suggests.


>>> img = turicreate.Image('https://static.turi.com/datasets/images/sample.jpg')
>>> turicreate.SArray([img]).show()


Image.save(self, filename) Saves the image to a file system for later use.
Image.show(self) Displays the image.