Turi Create offers several data structures for data analysis. Concise descriptions of the data structures and their methods are contained in the API documentation, along with a small number of simple examples.

Data Structures

SArray An immutable, homogeneously typed array object backed by persistent storage.
SFrame SFrame means scalable data frame.
SGraph A scalable graph data structure.

Data Types

Image A class whose objects contains image data, meta-data, and supports useful utility methods.
Vertex A vertex object, consisting of a vertex ID and a dictionary of vertex attributes.
Edge A directed edge between two Vertex objects.


SArrayBuilder An interface to incrementally build an SArray element by element.
SFrameBuilder An interface to incrementally build an SFrame (row by row).
Sketch The Sketch object contains a sketch of a single SArray (a column of an SFrame).
aggregate Builtin aggregators for SFrame groupby operator.
load_sarray Load an SArray.
load_sframe Load an SFrame.
load_sgraph Load SGraph from text file or previously saved SGraph binary.
load_audio Loads WAV file(s) from a path.
load_images Loads images from a directory.