turicreate.load_images(url, format='auto', with_path=True, recursive=True, ignore_failure=True, random_order=False)

Loads images from a directory. JPEG and PNG images are supported.

url : str

The string of the path where all the images are stored.

format : {‘PNG’ | ‘JPG’ | ‘auto’}, optional

The format of the images in the directory. The default ‘auto’ parameter value tries to infer the image type from the file extension. If a format is specified, all images must be of that format.

with_path : bool, optional

Indicates whether a path column is added to the SFrame. If ‘with_path’ is set to True, the returned SFrame contains a ‘path’ column, which holds a path string for each Image object.

recursive : bool, optional

Indicates whether ‘load_images’ should do recursive directory traversal, or a flat directory traversal.

ignore_failure : bool, optional

If true, prints warning for failed images and keep loading the rest of the images.

random_order : bool, optional

Load images in random order.

out : SFrame

Returns an SFrame with either an ‘image’ column or both an ‘image’ and a ‘path’ column. The ‘image’ column is a column of Image objects. If with_path is True, there is also a ‘path’ column which contains the image path for each of each corresponding Image object.


>>> url ='https://static.turi.com/datasets/images/nested'
>>> image_sframe = turicreate.image_analysis.load_images(url, "auto", with_path=False,
...                                                       recursive=True)