class turicreate.SArrayBuilder(dtype, num_segments=1, history_size=10)

An interface to incrementally build an SArray element by element.

Once closed, the SArray cannot be “reopened” using this interface.

dtype : type

The type of the elements in the SArray.

num_segments : int, optional

Number of segments that can be written in parallel.

history_size : int, optional

The number of elements to be cached as history. Caches the last history_size elements added with append or append_multiple.

out : SArrayBuilder


>>> from turicreate import SArrayBuilder
>>> sb = SArrayBuilder(int)
>>> sb.append(1)
>>> sb.append_multiple([2,3])
>>> sb.close()
dtype: int
Rows: 3
[1, 2, 3]


SArrayBuilder.append(self, data[, segment]) Append a single element to an SArray.
SArrayBuilder.append_multiple(self, data[, …]) Append multiple elements to an SArray.
SArrayBuilder.close(self) Creates an SArray from all values that were appended to the SArrayBuilder.
SArrayBuilder.get_type(self) The type the result SArray will be if close is called.
SArrayBuilder.read_history(self[, num, segment]) Outputs the last num elements that were appended either by append or append_multiple.