SArray.dict_trim_by_keys(keys, exclude=True)

Filter an SArray of dictionary type by the given keys. By default, all keys that are in the provided list in keys are excluded from the returned SArray.

keys : list

A collection of keys to trim down the elements in the SArray.

exclude : bool, optional

If True, all keys that are in the input key list are removed. If False, only keys that are in the input key list are retained.

out : SArray

A SArray of dictionary type, with each dictionary element trimmed according to the input criteria.


>>> sa = turicreate.SArray([{"this":1, "is":1, "dog":2},
                          {"this": 2, "are": 2, "cat": 1}])
>>> sa.dict_trim_by_keys(["this", "is", "and", "are"], exclude=True)
dtype: dict
Rows: 2
[{'dog': 2}, {'cat': 1}]