SArray.filter(self, fn, skip_na=True, seed=None)

Filter this SArray by a function.

Returns a new SArray filtered by this SArray. If fn evaluates an element to true, this element is copied to the new SArray. If not, it isn’t. Throws an exception if the return type of fn is not castable to a boolean value.

fn : function

Function that filters the SArray. Must evaluate to bool or int.

skip_na : bool, optional

If True, will not apply fn to any undefined values.

seed : int, optional

Used as the seed if a random number generator is included in fn.

out : SArray

The SArray filtered by fn. Each element of the SArray is of type int.


>>> sa = turicreate.SArray([1,2,3])
>>> sa.filter(lambda x: x < 3)
dtype: int
Rows: 2
[1, 2]