SFrame.export_csv(self, filename, delimiter=', ', line_terminator='n', header=True, quote_level=2, double_quote=True, escape_char='\', quote_char='"', na_rep='', file_header='', file_footer='', line_prefix='', _no_prefix_on_first_value=False, **kwargs)

Writes an SFrame to a CSV file.

filename : string

The location to save the CSV.

delimiter : string, optional

This describes the delimiter used for writing csv files.

line_terminator: string, optional

The newline character

header : bool, optional

If true, the column names are emitted as a header.

quote_level: csv.QUOTE_ALL | csv.QUOTE_NONE | csv.QUOTE_NONNUMERIC, optional

The quoting level. If csv.QUOTE_ALL, every field is quoted. if csv.quote_NONE, no field is quoted. If csv.QUOTE_NONNUMERIC, only non-numeric fileds are quoted. csv.QUOTE_MINIMAL is interpreted as csv.QUOTE_NONNUMERIC.

double_quote : bool, optional

If True, quotes are escaped as two consecutive quotes

escape_char : string, optional

Character which begins a C escape sequence

quote_char: string, optional

Character used to quote fields

na_rep: string, optional

The value used to denote a missing value.

file_header: string, optional

A string printed to the start of the file

file_footer: string, optional

A string printed to the end of the file

line_prefix: string, optional

A string printed at the start of each value line