SFrame.print_rows(self, num_rows=10, num_columns=40, max_column_width=30, max_row_width=80, output_file=None)

Print the first M rows and N columns of the SFrame in human readable format.

num_rows : int, optional

Number of rows to print.

num_columns : int, optional

Number of columns to print.

max_column_width : int, optional

Maximum width of a column. Columns use fewer characters if possible.

max_row_width : int, optional

Maximum width of a printed row. Columns beyond this width wrap to a new line. max_row_width is automatically reset to be the larger of itself and max_column_width.

output_file: file, optional

The stream or file that receives the output. By default the output goes to sys.stdout, but it can also be redirected to a file or a string (using an object of type StringIO).

See also

head, tail