SFrame.rename(self, names, inplace=False)

Returns an SFrame with columns renamed. names is expected to be a dict specifying the old and new names. This changes the names of the columns given as the keys and replaces them with the names given as the values.

If inplace == False (default) this operation does not modify the current SFrame, returning a new SFrame.

If inplace == True, this operation modifies the current SFrame, returning self.

names : dict [string, string]

Dictionary of [old_name, new_name]

inplace : bool, optional. Defaults to False.

Whether the SFrame is modified in place.

out : SFrame

The current SFrame.

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>>> sf = SFrame({'X1': ['Alice','Bob'],
...              'X2': ['123 Fake Street','456 Fake Street']})
>>> res = sf.rename({'X1': 'name', 'X2':'address'})
>>> res
|  name |     address     |
| Alice | 123 Fake Street |
|  Bob  | 456 Fake Street |
[2 rows x 2 columns]