turicreate.one_shot_object_detector.util.draw_bounding_boxes(images, annotations, confidence_threshold=0)

Visualizes bounding boxes (ground truth or predictions) by returning annotated copies of the images.

images: SArray or Image

An SArray of type Image. A single Image instance may also be given.

annotations: SArray or list

An SArray of annotations (either output from the ObjectDetector.predict function or ground truth). A single list of annotations may also be given, provided that it is coupled with a single image.

confidence_threshold: float

Confidence threshold can limit the number of boxes to draw. By default, this is set to 0, since the prediction may have already pruned with an appropriate confidence threshold.

annotated_images: SArray or Image

Similar to the input images, except the images are decorated with boxes to visualize the object instances.

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# Make predictions
>>> pred = model.predict(data)
>>> predictions_with_bounding_boxes = tc.one_shot_object_detector.util.draw_bounding_boxes(data['images'], pred)
>>> predictions_with_bounding_boxes.explore()