How it works

The style transfer system in Turi Create uses Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) to create high quality artistic images. Broadly speaking, we use CNNs to separate and recombine the content and style elements of arbitrary images.

Style transfer model

The technique used in Turi Create is based on "A Learned Representation For Artistic Style". The model is compact and fast and hence can run on mobile devices like an iPhone. The model consists of 3 convolutional layers, 5 residual layers (2 convolutional layers in each) and 3 upsampling layers each followed by a convolutional layer. There are a total of 16 convolutional layers.

There are three aspects about this technique that are worth noting:

  • It is designed to be incredibly fast at stylizing images, allowing deployment on device. As a trade off, the model creation takes longer.
  • A single model can incorporate a large number of styles without any significant increase in the size of the model.
  • The model can take input of any size and output a stylized image of the same size.

During training, we employ Transfer Learning. The model uses the visual semantics of an already trained VGG-16 network to understand and mimic stylistic elements. If the finetune_all_params parameter is set to False only a small set of parameters of the stylization network are updated - the rest of the parameters were already trained and remain unchanged. This allows you to achieve great results with little data and shorter training time. If finetune_all_params is set to True, the entire model is updated in training. For more information on advanced options in training, refer to the Advanced Usage section.

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