You can convert a LibSVM model to the Core ML format using libsvm.convert():

# Make a LIBSVM model
import svmutil
problem = svmutil.svm_problem([0,0,1,1], [[0,1], [1,1], [8,9], [7,7]])
libsvm_model = svmutil.svm_train(problem, svmutil.svm_parameter())

# Convert using default input and output names
import coremltools as ct
coreml_model = ct.converters.libsvm.convert(libsvm_model)

# Save the Core ML model to a file.'./my_model.mlmodel')

# Convert using user specified input names
coreml_model = ct.converters.libsvm.convert(libsvm_model, input_names=['x', 'y'])

For more information, see the API Reference.